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Google ADS

Advertising on Google | Pay Per Click

Manage Google Advertising for your website through Google Adsense, this will allow you to appear as the first option in the search for your potential client. With the use of Keywords (Keywords), it allows you to reach your potential customer in their search process for the product and service, in order to turn them into your  buyer. 

What are the advantages of Google Adsense?

  • High-value customer leads, with prior intention of acquiring your product or service

  • You only pay when a potential customer enters your website

  • Constant statistical monitoring of the results of your advertising

  • Have the most powerful advertising tool on the market (Google)

Advertising on Google undoubtedly allows you to access highly interested leads at the moment, which is why it is considered an excellent advertising method.

Google ads

SEO is characterized by obtaining permanent results in the medium-long term, while advertising on google  shows immediate but transitory results, both measurable.



Google Ads

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